Third “round” in Cannes 2016

Tomorrow will finish the Cannes Film Festival, but I cotinue showing some jewels…

Susan Sarandon with earrings from the High Jewelry collection made with white diamonds and emeralds.

ok susan sarandon_avakian 2

ok susan sarandon_avakian 3

ok susan sarandon_avakian

Here with Geena Davis, making a selfie 25 later from her famous autophoto of “Thelma & Louise”, by Ridley Scott.

Beatriz Palacios
Spanish actress Emma Suárez in the premiere “Julieta”, by Pedro Almodóvar, with jewels from the Antelope collection. Necklace and bracelet made in 24 ct gold plated brass. Dress by Pedro del Hierro.

ok emma suarez_p del hierro_beatriz palacios 4

ok emma suarez_p del hierro_beatriz palacios  3 b

ok emma suarez_p del hierro_beatriz palacios 5

ok emma suarez_p del hierro_beatriz palacios

Russian model and actress Svetlana Khodchenkova with a multicolored necklace from the High Jewellery collection in yellow gold, with white diamonds and nine gemstones in big drop cut with different tonalities. Dress by Georges Hobeika.

ok Svetlana Khodchenkova_bulgari.jpg

Only white diamonds for the Southafrican Charlize Theron. She wears classical jewels of la Maison (earrings, necklace and two big rings). Smoking by Dior.

ok charliza_ _cartier

ok charliza_dior_cartier

ok charliza_dior_cartier 2

Tanya Dyagileva with earrings and necklace from the Agrafe collection, with Tahitian pearls, white gold and brilliant-cut diamonds. This collection is inspired by the clasps of the corsets.

ok tanya dyagileva_ _

ok tanya dyagileva_ _cartier Agrafe

Chanel Joaillerie
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley with the Charleston earrings from the Café Society collection, in white gold with diamonds and onyx.

ok rosie huntington-whiteley_galvan london_chanel 2ok rosie huntington-whiteley_galvan london_chanel 3

Cindy Bruna with a pair of long earrings from the High Jewellery collection, maybe one of my favourite of this Festival de Cannes edition, made in white gold and titanium, with rubellite tourmalines, amethysts and paraiba tourmalines. Fabulous!!! Dress by Zac Posen.

ok cindy bruna_chopard  3

ok cindy bruna_chopard 2

ok cindy bruna_chopard white gold, titanium, rubellite tourmaline, amethyst and paraiba tourmaline

Cristina Ortiz
Adèle Exarchopoulos with earrings and ring from the Mermaids collection in white gold and blue gemstones. Dress by Nicolas Ghesquiere for Louis Vuitton. and styled by Camille Seydoux.

ok adele-exarchopoulos_louis vuitton_cristina ortiz

ok adele-exarchopoulos_louis vuitton_cristina ortiz 3ok adele-exarchopoulos_vuiton by nicolas ghesquiere_cris ortiz 2ok adele-exarchopoulos_louis vuitton_cristina ortiz 2ok adele-exarchopoulos_vuiton by nicolas ghesquiere_cris ortiz
De Grisogono
Chinese fashion model Ming Xi with a necklace and ring of modern style from the High Jewellery collection, made in white and pink gold with diamonds and rubies. Very different respect the others jewels of the red carpet.

ok ming xi_de grisogono 2.jpg

ok ming xi_de grisogono.jpg
Alexina Graham with the Allegra earrings, with pink gold, avional black-nano ceramic coating and rubies.

ok alexina graham _ _de grisog.jpg

ok alexina graham _de grisog.jpg

Bella Hadid
wearing a set of necklace and earrings in white gold and rubies, sourrounded with pavé of emeralds and amethysts, from the High Jewelry collection; and a big ring in pink gold with amethysts amd spinels from the Melody of Colours.

ok bella_ amfar_de griso

ok bella_ amfar_de griso 4ok bella_ amfar_de griso 2ok bella_ amfar_de griso 3

Fred Leighton
Kirsten Dunst with antique jewels, as this Georgian rose cut diamond harp motif paddle earrings, and a 19th century convertible diamond fringe bib necklace.

ok kirtsen dunst_chanel_fred leighton 2
ok kirtsen dunst_chanel_fred leighton 3

ok kirtsen dunst_chanel_fred leighton

Harry Winston
Katy Perry with the Winston Cluster chandelier earrings and the Lotus Cluster diamond large ring, all in platinum. Dress by Marchesa.

ok katy perry_ h winston b

ok katy perry_marchesa_h winston 2

ok katy perry_ h winston 4

Lorraine Schwartz
Heidi Klum with earrings, rings and a powerful flower necklace, all in diamonds and paraiba tourmalines. Dress by Versace.

ok heidi klum versace lorraine schwartz 3

ok heidi klum versace lorraine schwartz 4

ok heidi klum versace lorraine chwartz

ok heidi klum versace lorraine schwartz 2

Marie Beltrami
Rossy de Palma with eigth little mouses in four rings from the Souris collection, gold plated 24 karats.

ok_rossy de palma_marie beltrami 3

ok_rossy de palma_marie beltrami 4

ok_rossy de palma_marie beltrami 2.jpg

Michelle Jenner, another actress of the last movie of Almodóvar, in the Croissette with the Angel hand bracelet and the Glam’Azone ear cuff, all in white gold and diamonds. Dress by Miu Miu, all styled by Freddy Alonso.


ok michelle jenner_messikaok michelle jenner_messika Bracelet Paume de Main Angel b.jpgok michelle jenner_messika 2.jpgmichelle _ messika b.jpg

Bonus Tracks
(= unknown jewelry)
Rebecca Hall wearing a pair of golden earrings inspired in the classical magnetic bracelets.

ok rebecca hall.jpg

Charlize Theron
in the photocall of the morning, with modern golden earrings.

ok charlize _ _.jpg


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