Ç’est fini le Festival de Cannes 2016!

When the Festival de Cannes is over, let’s review in this last calling some jewels of the Croisette’s red carpet! See you next year!

Only white gold and white diamonds for Li Wen with the Blé d’Eté necklace, from the new High Jewellery collection.

ok_liu wen_boucheron_blé d'eté 3
ok_liu wen_boucheron_blé d'eté 2
ok_liu wen_boucheron_blé d'etéok_liu wen_boucheron_blé d'eté 4

Salma Hayek with the Splendeur de Russie necklace (and tiara), from the Rêves d’Ailleurs collection, with brilliant-cut diamonds and white gold.

ok salma Splendeur de Russie_boucheron 3
ok_salma Splendeur de Russie_boucheron.jpg

Aishwarya Rai with the Halo Delilah necklace with morganites and diamonds, from the High Jewellery collection and the Hopi ring.

ok aishwarya_boucheron 2ok aishwarya boucheron_Halo Delilahok aishwarya_boucheron

A necklace with a tassel in red for Lilly Zu Sayn.

ok Lilly Zu Sayn_bulgari.jpg

Valeria Golino with another version of Giardini Italiani necklace, with red gemstones.

ok valeria golina_bulgari.jpg

Chanel Joaillerie
Vanessa Paradis with the Solaire bracelet made with white diamonds.

ok vanessa paradis_chanel joaillerie_solaire  3ok vanessa paradis_chanel joaillerie_solaire
Nicoletta Romanoff with the Fiari d’Arancio tiara, inspired in the imperial jewels of the Romanov. Made in pink gold (in white in the picture bellow), brown diamonds and pearls.

ok nicoletta roma_damianiok nicoletta_damiani

De Grisogono
Sophie Taylor with a big pair of earrings from the High Jewellery collection, with white diamonds and green gemstones (I supose emeralds).

ok sophie taylor_de grisgono.jpg

Natasha Poly
with amethyst earrings in cascade in yellow gold.

ok natasha poly_.jpg

Cristina Ortiz

Lola Bessis with two earrings from the Mermaids collection, but different versions, both in black gold with black diamonds and mother of pearl.

ok lola bessis_cristina ortiz 1
mermaids 1

ok lola bessis_cristina ortiz 4.jpg

Kristen Stewart with the Calypso ear cuff, a big piece easy to wear in white gold and pear cut diamonds.

ok kristen stewart_messikaok kristen stewart_messika 2

Eva Longoria with an open necklace, Austral, only with oval cut diamonds.

ok eva longoria_pamella rolland_messika _austral necklace_diamants célestes.jpg


Melissa George with a big earrings with diamonds and pink gemstones.

ok melissa george_piaget.jpg

Julia Roberts with two ear cuffs from the Serti su Vide collection, in white gold and diamonds.

ok julia roberts_repossi_Serti su Vide

ok julia_repossi_Serti su Vide 2.jpgok julia_repossi_Serti su Vide

Caitriona Balfe, crossing two ear cuffs form the Staple collection.

ok caitriona balfe repossi
ok caitriona balfe_repossi staple 2

ok caitriona balfe_repossi staple

Thomas Jirgens
German model and actress Barbara Meier with earrings in blue.

ok barbara meier _ thomas jirgens.jpg
Barbara Meier with earrings made with African garnets, spinels and diamonds, all in black gold.

ok barbara meier_ thomas jirgensok barbara meier_ thomas jirgens_Africa grenade, Spinelle and diamonds in black gold.

Bonus track (=any information about the jewels)
Misterious guest

ok_amfar _misteriosa.jpg

Snejana Onopka

ok snejana onopka 2
ok snejana onopka

C’est fini!  =D

cartel Festival.jpg


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